About Nick

Nick was born in 1995 in Fareham, Hampshire, UK, and spent his first years in Stubbington on the south coast. He became really interested in music when he was at Henry Cort Community College, Fareham, where he played mandolin in the school's concert band and lead guitar in a rock band he formed in his final year. It was here that he really got the bug for playing. He decided he really wanted to study music at College and earned a place at the Academy of Music and Sound in Southampton where he studied for 2 years. It was here that he developed and improved his technique for fingerstyle guitar.

Style of Music

Recognised by musicians the world over as one of the top young guitarists in the UK. Nick Tudgey is known for his unique approach to the instrumental music known as fingerstyle guitar, taking foundations of playing laid down by legends such as Chet Atkins and Merle Travis, and blending them with many styles of music and musicians, from rock icons such as Ritchie Blackmore and Mark Knopfler, to John Dowland, the 16th century lutenist and composer.

In 2014, Nick played for BBC Radio 2 presenter Chris Evans at his Children in Need Charity fundraiser, the same year, he became the only instrumental musician ever to compete at Open Mic UK, one of the UK's largest competitions for singers, getting as far as the semi-finals and never sang a word. And in July 2018, was an international guest at the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society's annual convention in Nashville, Tennessee. He was recently enrolled into the MAS Records Scheme, sponsored by Robert Plant to help forward his career.


“You played Beautifly in there” - Tommy Emmanuel C.G.P, after hearing Nick play a short set at the CAAS Convention in Nashville.

“This boy plays Stars and Stripes Forever how it should be played...Like a March!” - Guy Van Duser after hearing Nick play Guy's arrangement of the John Philip Sousa piece for solo guitar.

“…Absolutely GREAT!!” - Andrea Valeri

“His playing is incredible, especially for his age…Great Hair too” - Claude Bourbon

"It's wonderful to see how fingerstyle guitar has swept across the globe, igniting the imaginations of a whole new generation of young players. And it's these players - Nick Tudgey, and his peers - all playing with such energy and enthusiasm, who will ensure that fingerstyle guitar will continue to flourish.“ - Michael Fix

"A guitarists guitarist!" - Bob, an audience member.

 About Fingerstyle Guitar

Fingerstyle guitar is a style of playing that allows the performer to play all the parts of a band on one instrument. Playing the bass and some of the rhythm with the thumb on the right hand, and playing melodies, harmonies and other rhythm parts with the fingers, Percussion can also be added in various ways. Elements of entertainment can be enhanced with various tricks, such as introducing 'the band' one part at a time (which can be seen in the clip below), or playing two songs at once.