About Nick


Nick was born in 1995 in Fareham, Hampshire, UK, and spent his first years in Stubbington on the South coast. He became really interested in music when he was at Henry Court Community College, Fareham, where he played mandolin in the school's concert band and lead guitar in a rock band he formed in his final year. It was here that he really got the bug for playing. He decided he really wanted to study music at College and was fortunate enough to earn a place at the Academy of Music and Sound in Southampton where he studied for 2 years. It was here that he developed and improved his technique for finger style guitar. Now in his early 20's, his abilities have earned him the respect of some of the finest guitarists on the planet, notably Andrea Valeri, Michael Fix and Claude Bourbon.

Described as “live finger style guitar & entertainment full of passion and energy”. Nick Tudgey is a young solo guitarist. Unlike a lot of similar guitarists, he focuses just as much on his playing as he does on being entertaining, whether he's telling funny stories, one liners or playing two songs at the same time. He's not just a guitarist, he's fun for all the family and will not disappoint. He arranges and plays covers of classics that everyone knows and loves and songs from the movies, along with a few lesser-known tracks that are standards in the world of fingerstyle. He draws inspiration from musicians in all genres of music, notably Bluegrass, Jazz and Rock, which all culminate to create his own style. His playing abilities have earned him the respect of world renowned finger style guitarists Andrea Valeri, Michael Fix and Richard Smith.


About Fingerstyle Guitar

Fingerstyle guitar is a style of playing that allows the performer to play all the parts of a band on one instrument. Playing the bass and some of the rhythm with the thumb on the right hand, and playing melodies, harmonies and other rhythm parts with the fingers, Percussion can also be added in various ways. This is a style of playing that keeps an audience interested making for an entertaining and different show, but can be applied just as well to being played as background music. Elements of entertainment can be enhanced with various tricks, such as introducing 'the band' one part at a time (which can be seen in the clip below), or playing two songs at once.