Nick has been working in his studio since 2015, having been taught by Grammy winning producer and mixer Warren Huart (also originally from Hampshire but now an LA Resident). He now works with artists locally and internatonally. Many styles of music have been recorded, mixed and mastered through Nick's gear, from Rap & Hip Hop, Heavy Rock, Bluegrass, Blues, and fellow Fingersyle guitarists along with all but one of his own records.


Maton EBG808 Artist

Godin Multiac Nylon string

Godin Session

Tanglewood TRP 73

Tanglewood Cove Creek TMX Mandolin

Ozark 5 string Banjo

Yamaha PSR-E303 Keyboard with MIDI

Partscaster with EMG Pickups

Blackstar HT5 Head

Vox AC15

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